Warm Fusion Hair Extensions

A small amount of Keratin is pre-attached to a strand. The hair extension
strands are then attached to small sections of your hair near the scalp by warming the Keratin and forming a small bond to your hair. The site of attachment is so that the extensions can move naturally with your own hair. These extensions last  4- 6 months.


Tape Extensions

Taping is a relatively newer technique of hair extension. Hair is held together by double transparent sided polyurethane tape. One piece of the tape is torn off and the weft is applied the scalp. The weft and the attached hair is pulled upwards and another weft is attached underneath.


These have quickly become the preferred method of hair extension as they use no heat or glue and are the safest for your hair. They are undetectable when your hair is touched as they lay flat against your head. These hair extensions last 2-3 months before they have grown out and need to be retapped and can be reused and worn another 2 months.



 double drawn hair for even thickness from root to end